Affordable treatment at Renton Dental

Affordable dental treatment in PaddingtonAt Renton Dental, we understand how hard it can be to balance the household budget. A friend of ours once had a poster that said, “Every time I make ends meet, somebody moves the ends!” And most people, even dentists themselves, would acknowledge that dentistry is considered to be expensive.

That’s why at Renton Dental Paddington, we are constantly mindful of keeping our charges for dental treatment to a fair and reasonable amount.

What’s more, we believe that by only using quality materials and providing first class dental procedures, we actually save you money over the long term, by giving you outstanding value dental care and great oral health for life.

How we provide you with affordable dental care

To ensure there are no surprises, we will spend time with you discussing quotes for any proposed dental treatment we may recommend for you. We’ll also give you a range of treatment options wherever we can, which may include lower cost alternatives. Where possible, we will also space out procedures so that you can schedule your dental work to suit your availability and budget.

Another way we work to save you money on dentistry is with our strong focus on affordable preventive dental treatment. By ensuring that any oral health problems are identified in their early stages, we aim to save you time and money by treating them before they become more severe.

Our team are always happy to take the time to help you understand and actively maintain your own oral well-being. By being aware of how you brush, taking care of your gums, and making smart dietary choices, you can take control of your oral health and give yourself the best chance of avoiding dental intervention. Not only will your dental health improve, but your budget bottom line will too!

Private health funds welcome at Renton Dental

We happily accept all private health funds serviced by HICAPS. If you have private health cover, we can process your claim on the spot with HICAPS, so you receive your rebate immediately and have it deducted from your dental treatment cost.

We believe that it’s in your best interest that we are independent dental professionals, rather than a health fund contracted dentist. We work with private health funds, not for them.

If you’d like to read more about this issue, the Australian Dental Association has published some excellent information and statistics here.

Look after your smile and your whole body will benefit

Research has shown that your oral wellbeing influences your whole body health. It’s worth looking after your dental health. You’re making a valuable investment in you!

To find out more or to arrange your preventive dental appointment in Paddington, call Renton Dental on 3369 2340 or fill out the form here.