How Renton Dental can replace your missing tooth

Whether you’re missing one tooth, a few teeth, or even all your teeth, dental implants could be the solution to help you speak, chew, and smile naturally once again.

All the Renton Dental team care about the effect missing teeth can have on your life. When you’re missing a tooth, you may lack self-confidence, be hesitant to smile, and have difficulty chewing or speaking. Precision dental implants from our Paddington dental practice could be your answer.


The Renton Dental team work with experienced dental specialists to replace missing teeth with dental implants, giving you a strong, stable, and long-lasting tooth restoration.

At Renton Dental you won’t be rushed into making a decision regarding your own oral health. We will explain the pros and cons of all your tooth replacement options, and give you the time and space to make your own decision.

If dental implants aren’t absolutely the right tooth replacement for your needs, we will be happy to talk you through your alternatives instead, as we do with all our dental procedures.

Exploring your tooth replacement options

Before we begin your treatment, we take the time to talk with you, understand your situation, and determine if dental implants are the ideal solution for your needs. We will take x-rays, examine your mouth, and work out with you the very best way to replace your missing tooth or teeth, whether that’s a dental bridge, dentures, or dental implants.

The important thing to remember when you’re missing a tooth, is that there’s more at stake than simply the obvious impact on your smile. A lost tooth can affect the function of your teeth, their durability, and your overall oral health. There is also the potential of tooth decay, gum disease, or bone loss.

Because of the way dental implants bond strongly with your bone and replace your missing tooth root, they help to preserve bone and prevent it deteriorating over time.

All of these reasons explain why the Renton Dental team are so focused on ensuring the best tooth replacement solution for you as our patient.

Your dental implant placement surgery

Simply described, a dental implant is an incredibly strong titanium post, which is surgically placed into your jawbone in a minimally invasive procedure. This extremely biocompatible material is then left undisturbed under your gum tissue, to allow your jaw bone to grow around and bond to your new dental implant.

Once the implant has securely bonded with your bone, you’ll return to your oral surgeon, who will uncover the implant and attach a small cap called a healing abutment to it.

After another short break to allow your gum to heal, the healing abutment is replaced with the final titanium post which will support a dental crown.

How dental implants restore your missing teeth

With your dental implant placed, Dr Renton takes precise impressions and photos of the area, allowing a detailed crown to be produced at a local dental laboratory. Your dental crown will then be attached to your implant.

The entire dental implant process will take time to fully restore your missing tooth and integrate it strongly and safely into your bone.

Ensuring the best result for your dental implants

At every stage, our dedicated team will work to maximise the success of your dental implants. For example, to ensure the precise position of your implant, a stent guide may be used. This is made to fit accurately around your teeth to guide the placement of the implant by the surgeon. This results in your replacement dental crown aligning properly with your natural teeth.

With modern dental implants, you can once more enjoy a complete, attractive, and very natural-looking smile.

To find out if dental implants are ideal for your needs, contact Renton Dental on 07 3369 2340 or fill out the form here to make your appointment in our comfortable practice in Brisbane’s Paddington.

Frequently asked questions

Are dental implants the right tooth replacement for me?

For the majority of people, dental implants are a reliable, strong, and natural looking option for replacing missing teeth. You will need to have enough healthy bone in your jaw to support the implant, and your mouth must be free of tooth decay and gum disease to ensure the best chance of success. If your jaw bone has deteriorated, you may be able to first have a bone graft to replace the missing bone.

To find out if dental implants are right for you, arrange an appointment with the Renton Dental team on 07 3369 2340 or by filling out the form here.

Can I still have dental implants if my jaw bone has deteriorated?

If you’ve been living with a missing tooth for some time, your jaw bone may have deteriorated to the point where it’s insufficient to securely anchor a dental implant. If this is the case for you, you may first need a bone graft from your oral surgeon before your implants are placed.

How long do dental implants last?

Dental implants have a very high success rate, and can last you a lifetime when professionally placed and carefully cared for over time. To ensure the longevity of your dental implants, you should maintain good oral hygiene, take care of your overall health, eat a balanced diet and refrain from smoking.

How do I care for my dental implants?

Your new dental implants should give you many years of speech, chewing, and smiles! To keep them in top condition, you should have your implants checked regularly by your dentist to make sure that your gum and bone are staying in the best condition.

By also taking care to keep your whole mouth healthy with excellent at-home brushing and flossing technique, as well as regular preventive dental appointments with Renton Dental, you can smile confidently for years to come.

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