Restore your smile with natural looking
dental crowns

If you’ve been hesitant to show off your smile because of damaged, cracked, or worn down teeth, dental crowns from Renton Dental could be your ideal solution.

Dental crowns can be a strong, natural looking way to restore your smile. Made from resin, porcelain, zirconia or metal, dental crowns are precisely shaped to fit your mouth, giving you back the feel and function of your natural tooth.

Dental Crowns in Paddington

Placing your custom made dental crown usually requires just two visits to Renton Dental’s Paddington practice. In the first stage, we will carefully prepare your tooth for a crown. At your second visit, we will place your final permanent crown and restore your tooth back to its full function.

How our dentists prepare your tooth for a crown

Prior to your first crown appointment at Renton Dental, Dr Ian Renton or Dr Timothy Long will need to take some x-rays to check the roots of your tooth and the health of the surrounding bone. If we discover that your tooth has extensive decay, or if there is a risk of infection or injury to your tooth’s pulp, it may be necessary to first perform a root canal treatment.

At your first crown appointment, your dentist will carefully contour around the tooth to make room for the crown. The amount of tooth that’s removed will depend on the type of crown to be fitted – for example, metal crowns are generally thinner than porcelain crowns, and need less of your tooth to be removed. Modern, aesthetic all-ceramic E-max crowns bond directly to your tooth and often require minimal tooth shaping.

After your tooth has been reshaped, the team at Renton Dental will meticulously create an impression of the tooth using special impression material. We then send this accurate impression to our local dental laboratory, where it’s used to create a perfectly fitting dental crown.

We’ll then fit a temporary acrylic crown to cover and protect your prepared tooth while your final crown is being made.

While we work on preparing your tooth for a dental crown, you are most welcome to enjoy a DVD, listen to music, and basically relax as we take care of the entire process.

Fitting your permanent dental crown

After a couple of weeks, you return to our Paddington dental practice to have your final dental crown fitted. We remove your temporary crown, place the permanent crown, and carefully check its fit and colour (for porcelain crowns).

If together we decide that everything is up to expectations, your dentist will cement the finished dental crown permanently in place.

Congratulations! You can new enjoy a full restored tooth that looks, feels, and functions just as your natural teeth do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are dental crowns?

Dental crowns are tooth restorations that entirely cover or “cap” a cracked, damaged, or badly decayed tooth. When expertly placed by the Renton Dental team, a dental crown can restore a tooth’s appearance and shape, and even correct teeth alignment problems.

Why do I need a dental crown?

You may benefit from a dental crown if you:

  • Need a dental bridge placed
  • Are living with a broken tooth in need of restoration
  • Have had a Root Canal Treatment
  • Have a badly decayed tooth, or one weakened by a large filling
  • Or need a final restoration on a dental implant.

To find out whether dental crowns are the right tooth replacement option for you, call the Renton Dental team on 07 3369 2340.

How long do dental crowns last?

How long your dental crown lasts will depend on factors such as your oral hygiene habits, the type of material used, the amount of everyday ‘wear and tear’ the crown receives, and other habits such as biting your fingernails, chewing on ice, or whether you grind your teeth (known as bruxism). On average however, you should be able to enjoy your new dental crowns for around 5 to 15 years.

How much do dental crowns cost?

The price of your dental crown will depend on your individual circumstances and needs. The Renton Dental team will carefully assess your tooth and recommend the ideal tooth replacement option for your needs, whether that’s a resin, ceramic, or metal dental crown or an E-max onlay. To find out more about your dental crown options, please call us or fill out the contact form here.

How do I look after my crowned tooth?

While your crowned tooth doesn’t generally need any special care, you should remember that your underlying natural tooth is still susceptible to tooth decay and gum disease. You should keep up your good oral hygiene habits at home (including brushing carefully morning and night, and flossing each day) and visit Renton Dental regularly for ongoing preventive dental appointments.