How our Paddington dentists can help your painful tooth

Even if your at-home oral hygiene routine is as thorough as it can be, it’s still possible that you may experience a dental emergency due to an accident or sporting mishap.

The Renton Dental team understand that dental emergencies can happen without warning. So to ensure we can attend to your issue urgently, we reserve emergency appointment slots in our daily schedule.

If you are suffering from an urgent or painful problem such as a toothache, chipped or broken tooth, a knocked out tooth, lost filling, or any other dental problem, contact us as soon as possible on 07 3369 2340. We will do our utmost to arrange a priority emergency dental appointment for you.

Why you should respond early to a toothache

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort from your teeth or gums, it’s our strong recommendation that you don’t simply put up with it and try to soldier on!

If left untreated, minor dental problems usually don’t get better on their own – and in fact, will very often get worse. This means they can easily progress into a more serious dental problem that’s far more difficult – and more expensive – to treat.

So to avoid the expense of a major dental procedure, as soon as a dental emergency occurs, get in touch with Renton Dental. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible and relieve the pain of your urgent dental situation.

In the meantime, to soothe the pain of your toothache you can try gently rinsing your mouth with warm (not hot) water. Carefully floss around the problem tooth to remove any stuck food which may be aggravating your gums. You can use the pain killers that you usually take, but only use them at the recommended dosage levels. 

What to do if you have a tooth knocked out

If your tooth is knocked out in an accident or on the sporting field, there is a good chance we can save your tooth if we can get to it quickly.

Make sure you pick up the tooth only by its crown, not the tooth root. Gently rinse any dirt or grass away using milk or gentle running water. Take care not to scrub the tooth, as this could damage the delicate cells which your tooth root will need to attach itself back into your gum.

If you can, carefully place the tooth back into its socket (ensuring you have it the right way round) and come into Renton Dental so we can assess the tooth. If you can’t re-seat the tooth, place it carefully into a cup of milk for the trip. (Only permanent teeth should be re-implanted).

In any case, it’s very important to seek treatment within an hour of your tooth being knocked out. This will give us the best chance of restoring the tooth and allowing it to heal securely.

Seek immediate help for a broken tooth

If you’ve broken a tooth, it’s very important that you get help straight away. That’s because the inside of your broken tooth will probably be left exposed, allowing bacteria to easily move in and make themselves at home, causing a potentially dangerous infection.

Very often, breaking a tooth is a sign that you have an underlying problem with the tooth itself. For example, the tooth may have extensive decay; an old filling which has failed; or damage from nightly tooth grinding (or bruxism).

The Renton Dental team will assess your broken tooth to determine both the reason for the fracture and what treatment is needed to save your tooth.

For emergency dental treatment in Paddington, contact the caring Renton Dental team

If you ever experience pain or discomfort from a dental emergency, don’t delay. The Renton Dental team will deal with your issue with care and empathy, to alleviate your pain and address the underlying cause of your problem.

For urgent attention, contact the Renton Dental team for an appointment. Simply fill out the form here or call our Paddington dental practice today on 07 3369 2340.