Restoring the health and beauty of your smile

If you have severely worn-down teeth which you feel don’t look or work as well as they should, the answer could be a full mouth rehabilitation from Renton Dental.

Also known as a full mouth reconstruction, rejuvenation, or restoration, a full mouth rehabilitation could help if you’ve noticed you have sensitive or painful teeth, fillings which break regularly, missing teeth, pain from your jaw joint, neck, or shoulders; or simply a worn dentition in general.

Whatever oral health issues you’re living with, the goal of a full mouth rejuvenation is to restore a more youthful look and improved functionality to your teeth and mouth. To do this, Dr Ian Renton and our team can rebuild or restore all of your teeth, in both your upper and lower jaws.

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You may benefit from a full mouth restoration if you have:

  • Missing teeth due to decay, injury, or trauma
  • Fractured or broken teeth
  • Badly worn teeth, whether because of tooth grinding (bruxism), acid reflux, or an acidic diet
  • Continual jaw, muscle and head pain requiring an adjustment to your bite

Depending on your needs and the state of your oral health, your full mouth rehabilitation may incorporate almost any of our modern dental procedures, or include the services of other dental specialists such as oral surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists (who specialise in the gums), endodontists (who specialise in the tooth pulp), or specially trained physiotherapists.

Could you benefit from a full mouth rehabilitation?

We begin your full mouth rejuvenation process by inviting you to visit Renton Dental for a comprehensive examination. Our dentists will thoroughly examine your mouth, to ensure we fully understand your oral health situation, and determine what steps are needed to treat and improve it.

Dr Renton or Dr Power will examine the condition of your:

Teeth – to note any decay, wear, cracks or other damage, and determine whether you could benefit from dental veneers, crowns, inlays or onlays, bridges, dental implants, or dentures.

Gum tissue – to assess whether your gums are healthy or suffering from gum disease, and decide whether you need treatment from a specialist periodontist.

Jaw joints and bite – to ensure your bite is stable and not responsible for causing wear damage to your teeth, or pain when you speak or chew.

The aesthetics of your smile – to assess the colour, proportion, shape and size of your teeth, as well as how they look in relation to your gums, mouth, and face in general.

With the information we collect, we can then put together a treatment plan for your full mouth rehabilitation, which we will present and discuss with you.

Your full mouth reconstruction procedure

Depending on your individual situation, the Renton Dental team may recommend a combination of cosmetic and functional dentistry for your full mouth rehabilitation. Your treatment may include a number of different modern dental procedures to correct your bite and improve the appearance of your smile.

Badly worn and missing teeth may cause misalignment of your jaw. As part of the rehabilitation process, we will adjust your jaw alignment to minimise strain on your jaw joints and chewing muscles.

Once we have established a more ideal jaw position, we can then restore your worn or damaged teeth using restorations such as porcelain veneers, crowns, onlays or dental implants.

At the conclusion of your full mouth restoration, you will be able to enjoy better oral health with a smile that’s beautiful to look at and extremely functional.

To find out if a full mouth restoration could address your oral health problems and give you back a healthy, functional and natural-looking smile, contact Renton Dental on 07 3369 2340 or use the contact form here.

Frequently asked questions

What dental problems can a full mouth rehabilitation solve?

If you’re living with teeth that are badly decayed, cracked, broken or missing, you’ll no doubt be having trouble chewing normally, smiling confidently, or even speaking clearly. What’s more, if your remaining teeth are in very bad condition, they may be causing you pain and discomfort in your jaw joints and muscles, as well as backache and other referred problems elsewhere in your body.

A full mouth restoration is designed to treat these problems by restoring all your teeth to good working condition, giving you a self-confidence boost and helping you to enjoy chewing and speaking as normal.

What are the signs I might need a full mouth rehabilitation?

You may benefit from a full mouth restoration if you have missing teeth, fractured or broken  or badly worn teeth; or continual pain from your jaw, muscle and head  that suggests the need for an adjustment to your bite

Is a full mouth rejuvenation painful?

To ensure your experience is as comfortable as possible, the Renton Dental team will use local anaesthetic to numb the area before we begin work. In this way, we will minimise any painful sensations and help you relax as we rejuvenate your mouth.

How much does a full mouth rehabilitation cost?

Because everyone’s oral situation and needs are unique, a full mouth reconstruction may include many different treatments, from dental implants to veneers to root canal therapy. This variety makes it impossible to give an accurate estimate of your full mouth rejuvenation cost without a detailed assessment of your mouth. The Renton Dental team will discuss a variety of treatment options to suit your own personal and financial circumstances.

If you have full private health insurance, you may be able to claim some of your costs from your insurer.

The first step in determining the extent and cost of your full mouth rejuvenation is to arrange an appointment with Renton Dental on 07 3369 2340 or by filling out the form here.