Brighten your smile with tooth whitening

Brighten your smile with tooth whitening

tooth whitening before & afterWe often get enquiries about tooth whitening. Here we answer some of your most frequently asked questions.

Why do people whiten their teeth?

Everyone wants a smile that shows off clean, fresh-looking teeth.

Sometimes in childhood when teeth are developing, they may be affected by high temperatures or some medication. Our tooth colour is also affected by our genes, by our childhood oral health and as we age. Adults who drink or eat a lot of strongly coloured liquids or food (eg coffee, curries or red wine) may find their teeth look stained or dull.

Will all teeth be suitable for whitening?

Not all teeth respond to whitening. Teeth in the grey colour range are the hardest to whiten. Some teeth that have conditions from childhood may not respond. Teeth that are crowned or have veneers will not whiten. Our dentists will give you an honest appraisal of the suitability of your teeth for whitening. Our dentists do this for you free of charge.

How do people whiten their teeth?

Our dentists can either make you take-home trays or whiten your teeth in the surgery.

For our dentist to make you take-home trays, you come for two visits. At the first visit you have an impression taken of your upper and lower teeth. This is a quick and painless process. Our dentist then makes trays that will exactly fit your teeth. These trays can be collected a few days later. You put a small drop of whitening gel into the tray in the areas you want to whiten, then wear the trays for the specified amount of time. You can control how much you want to whiten your teeth.

Having your teeth whitened in our dental surgery takes just over an hour. Your gums are protected with a masking agent then the whitening gel is applied several times by our dentist, rinsing in between applications. Our dentists include take-home trays in the cost of in-surgery whitening so you can freshen up your teeth at any time – perhaps before an important function, special event or holiday.

Does teeth whitening damage my teeth?

There has not been evidence to indicate that whitening your teeth, according to instructions from dental professionals, will cause damage to your teeth. Everyone needs regular dental check-ups to ensure their teeth and gums stay healthy. Our dentists keep an eye on your progress with tooth whitening at these appointments as they care for your oral health. You can ask them any questions you may have.

Does teeth whitening hurt?

Whitening your teeth may make them temporarily a little sensitive. If you stop the process for a few days, the sensitivity should stop. Our dentists use SDI products that are designed to protect teeth and gums and minimise sensitivity.

Will my new tooth colour fade?

After whitening, your tooth colour will not regress to your original shade. However, over time, your teeth may lose their fresh colour. With the take-home trays that our dentists supply, you can freshen up your teeth whenever you wish.

For information about costs and individual suitability, please contact our fantastic reception staff. They will be happy to help you with queries about teeth whitening, and to make an appointment.

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