Why should I have a dental check?

Why should I have a dental check?

When you don’t have any pain in your teeth, it may seem like a waste of time to visit Renton Dental for a dental check-up. However there are several important reasons why regular dental check-ups are vital for your dental and overall health.

  • By the time you are experiencing pain in a tooth or teeth, the problem is usually well-established which means it will take time, more complex intervention and expense to treat.
  • Regular check-ups mean that your teeth, gums and whole oral cavity are assessed for a range of conditions including oral cancer, gum disease and medical conditions such as reflux as well as tooth decay. It is obviously in your best interests to diagnose and treat any condition in its earliest stages.
  • Gum health is a major factor in your dental and general health. Poor gum health can cause the deterioration or loss of the periodontal ligaments that hold your teeth firmly in your gums. Gum disease can also contribute to many medical conditions, including significant heart disease.
  • Early stages of tooth decay (demineralisation) can be stopped or turned around by appropriate oral hygiene measures and with the application of dental products which your dentist can recommend, provide and supervise the use of. Your dentist can also provide dietary advice which can help you to maintain optimal general health as well as good oral health.
  • A dental check-up can be a good opportunity to discuss and plan for future treatment options. For example, you may have a tooth that is gradually deteriorating but which is still currently functional. At your check-up appointment, you can discuss options and costs and pro-actively plan for future treatment in your time frame rather than having a dental emergency suddenly develop.
  • Dental decay which is diagnosed and treated promptly results in minimal intervention which preserves more of your natural tooth. A small restoration costs less and takes much less time to repair.
  • At a dental check-up, you can discuss options like orthodontic treatment, tooth whitening or cosmetic dentistry. Your dentist, who is qualified and experienced, can provide you with information which is specific to your oral condition, health and situation. Often your dentist can review medications and, on occasions, alert you to health concerns you should contact your doctor about.
  • A dental check-up is a great time to have your teeth scaled and cleaned to remove biofilm and calculus, which makes them feel great but also helps to protect your teeth and gums and ultimately, your general health.

Our dentists at Renton Dental are passionate about preventive dentistry and empowering you to have the very best dental and general health.

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